Student Testing Time in Ohio May Drop

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- The time students spend taking standardized testing could soon be dropping in Ohio.

A report from the Ohio Department of Education included recommendations to reduce testing by nearly 20 percent. Many of the changes would require the Ohio General Assembly to act.

"I am committed to improving testing efficiency and reducing the testing burden on students while maintaining accountability in our schools," said Richard Ross, superintendent of public instruction at the Ohio Department of Education.

ODE surveyed several districts, teachers, and stakeholders and found that the average Ohio student spends nearly 20 hours each year taking tests. Students use up another 15 hours doing practice tests.

"Testing serves an important purpose for monitoring and improving student learning," Ross said.

Under the proposal, students would spend no more than 2 percent of their school year on testing and 1 percent on practice tests. The state would also do away with the fall third grade reading test, but test students over the summer if they are found to need it. Students would also no longer be mandated to take math or writing diagnostic tests before third grade.

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