Lake Local may join trend of allowing armed staff

The way Tim Krugh sees it, he’s just trying to minimize carnage.

The Lake Local Board of Education president said that when he reads or hears about mass shootings in schools, he worries about it happening in his district. With the school system cash-strapped, and no large police force nearby, he’s joined a growing number of Ohio school officials considering a last-ditch line of defense: arming staff.

Mr. Krugh is quick to say that no decision has been made. The board will hold a forum at 10 a.m. Saturday, at which a Buckeye Firearms Association speaker will discuss a training program the nonprofit offers to school staff.

It is a chance for the community to ask questions about having teachers, principals, or janitors, or anyone carrying a gun into their child’s school.

“We are looking at every option we can,” Mr. Krugh said.

In the wake of mass school shootings in Newtown, Conn., Chardon, Ohio, and elsewhere, school districts around the country re-evaluated their security procedures.

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