Education, long-term policy changes favored by GOP Statehouse leaders

Kasich's budget will likely contain small business and income tax cuts balanced in part with tax hikes on tobacco and oil and gas producers, renewing Medicaid expansion and charter school reforms.

Leaders in the GOP-controlled House and Senate gave some hints of what they want to focus on beyond Kasich's budget.

Newly elected House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, a Clarksville Republican, said he's working on a group of policy changes dubbed "Ohio 2020." Rosenberger said the plan will touch on everything from education to infrastructure to workforce development, with the goal of getting lawmakers to think long-term.

"Take education, for example -- you can't keep moving the goal posts every two years," Rosenberger told reporters after leading his first session. He added he's concerned about the rate at which Ohio high school students take remediation courses in college.

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