Kasich appointees dominated state school board vote to end requirements for school nurses, counselors and librarians

COLUMBUS, Ohio - State school board members appointed by Gov. John Kasich dominated Tuesday's vote to drop state requirements for school nurses, librarians and counselors and leave staffing decisions to local school boards.

The 11 members of the 19-person board that were appointed into their seats by Kasich voted 10-1 to kill the so-called "5 of 8" requirement the state has had for years.

It's not the final vote on the issue. That will come next year after two required administrative reviews of the change. But Tuesday's vote was a major step toward ending "5 of 8."

The rule requires schools to have at least five student support personnel from eight categories for every 1,000 students. Those eight are: elementary art, music or physical education teachers, school counselors, library media specialists, school nurses, social workers and "visiting teachers."

Debate was heated on the issue, with supporters of the change saying they want to remove state mandates and give districts the ability to set staffing at schools they know better than officials in Columbus. Opponents wanted to keep the rule to prevent less-affluent districts from axing these services when budgets are tight.

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