Short-Changed: How Poor-Performing Charters Cost All Ohio Kids

Innovation Ohio has published a new report, titled "Short-Changed: How Poor-Performing Charters Cost All Ohio Kids", their principal findings were these:

  • The flawed way in which charter schools are funded in Ohio will result in traditional school students receiving, on average, 6.6% less state funding this year (around $256 per pupil) than the state itself says they need;
  • The table below, from the report, highlights this issue

  • Well over half of all state money sent to charters goes to schools that perform worse than traditional public schools on one or both of the state’s two major performance measurements (the Report Card and the Performance Index);
  • Below is just a selection of some of the traditional public schools that are losing vast amounts of money to lower performing charter schools

  • A number of high-performing suburban school districts are now among the biggest losers in per pupil funding;
  • On average, Ohio charters spend about double (23.5% vs. 13%) on non-instructional administrative costs than do traditional public schools;
  • 53% of children transferring into charter schools are leaving districts that perform better;
  • In 384 out of Ohio’s 612 school districts, every dime “lost” to charters went to schools whose overall performance was worse on the State Report Card.

We encourage you to read and share the entire report, found below

IO Report Short Changed