A Governor who still doesn't get it

The Governor talked about numerous plans for education in his State of the State speech last night, but mostly in vague terms.

StateImpact Ohio has a rundown of each item he mentioned.

A few items stood out for us. He talked about Vocational Education for 7th Graders. We're not too convinced that 12 year olds really know what kind of career they want - let alone what careers might still be in demand a decade later. Placing any focus on this at such an early age, rather than on study and growth is a distraction and a sop to the business community.

He also talked about the need for Money for Early Childhood Education, which we would applaud. But it should be noted that one of his first acts as Governor was to eliminate the funding for universal pre-k so he could deliver his tax cuts. So it is again with skepticism that we view this pledge, especially as it came with no details on how it would be paid for, and delivered.

He also said there should be College Credit for High School Students - without seemingly knowing this has been available for a very long time now.

Targeting High School Dropouts was also a priority he said. We were hoping that would mean the closure, or tightening of regulations around drop-out recovery charter schools. But alas, no.

Kasich says his administration will send ideas to the state legislature on how to keep kids from dropping out and will solicit suggestions from school districts too. Kasich says those plans may include taking students out of the traditional school environment and may incorporate on-the-job training in apprenticeship programs with businesses.

All-in-all then, when it comes to education this is still a Governor who doesn't get it.

Here's the response by his Democratic Party rival, Ed FitzGerald

Ed FitzGerald State of the State Response from Ed FitzGerald For Governor.