Kasich Has Pushed Ed Beyond Breaking Point

At the onset of the great recession, Ohio employed 107,047 classroom teachers according to the ODE Teacher Information Report for 2008-09. The figure for 2012-13 stands at 100,156. That's a decline of 6,891 teachers during Governor Kasich's tenure. Barely less than the number of teachers in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati - combined.

Beyond this massive attrition due to austere budget cuts made by the Governor and his legislative allies has also come onerous new requirements, most of which have been unfunded.

The implementation and execution of an evaluation system so crippling that the Ohio Senate recently passed a bill to fix it - unanimously, before OTES has even fully come online. A 3rd grade reading guarantee, common core, PARCC assessments - all with little or no money to fund implementation.

Not satisfied with draconian cuts to districts forcing a reduction of almost 7,000 teachers, the Governor and his allies have also expanded the choice failure. Combined, failing charter schools and unaccountable for-profit private schools are now draining over $1 billion dollars a year from traditional public schools.

If the Governor's goal was to push Ohio's public education system to the breaking point, he has succeeded.