Ohio's charter e-schools are draining funding

Two of Ohio's most prevalnt chartered eschools, ECOT and Ohio Virtual Academy (OVA) are draining resources at a drastic rate from traditional public schools which are performng at much higher levels.

ECOT drained $88,370,050.21 for just 13,721.54 students in 2013. Their graduation rate is 35.3% in four years and 37.8% in five years according to the state report card.

Between 2004 and 2013, ECOT has recevied $545,863,933.98 from Ohio school districts. As Ohio E & A says, this is more than a half billion dollars for an extremely inadequate educational venture.

Ohio Virtual Academy (OVA), siphoned $72,764,774.45 in 2013 for just 11,822.98 students. Their graduation rate is an anemic 41.6% in four years and 38.6% in five years.

Between 2003 and 2013, OVA has removed $388,613,423.52 from traditional public schools


How much longer can we allow hundred of millions of dollars of tax payer money to be funneled to failing for-profit e-schools?