NAEP Reveals Ohio Charter Disaster

The US Department of Education released the latest NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) results a short while ago. Despite all the corporate education reforms that have been pushed in Ohio, Ohio’s students continued to score marginally highher than the national average, but haven’t shown any significant improvement over previous results. In other words, for all the additional workload, stress and controversy, corporate reforms are not producing increased performance results.

What we are seeing though is the utter perfoermance disaster of Charter schools in the state. The Fordham Foundation crunched the numbers to compare traditonal pblic schools with tier low performing charter school counterparts

The figures below display the charter versus non-charter comparison of students who are eligible for the Free and Reduced Price Lunch (FRPL) program, the most-utilized poverty metric available. This provides a fair comparison of similar students, since Ohio’s charters enroll a relatively high number of impoverished students.
The results from this snapshot in time are not favorable to charter schools. In all four grade-subject combinations, charter school NAEP scores fall short of the non-charter school scores. And in all cases, I would consider the margin fairly wide—more so in 4th than 8th grade. In 4th grade reading, for example, non-charter students’ average score was 211, while charter students’ average score was 191, a 20 point difference.

Here's Fordhams findings in graphiocal format

The only question that remains is, what is to be done about this performance disaster?