Broad Foundation just another anti-tax outfit

Eli Board, the billionaire backer of the corporate eduction reform organization The Board Foundation, likes to pretend he and his foundation are non partisan and simply doing best by students. It's never been a very credible claim, but now any shred of doubt has been stripped away by reports that he secretly funded anti-union, anti-tax efforts in California

A state investigation into a network of nonprofit groups that funneled $11 million into initiative campaigns in California last year has revealed the identities of dozens of previously hidden donors to the various organizations.

Those contributors include owners of the Gap Inc., for which California First Lady Anne Gust Brown was once a top executive, investor Charles Schwab and Los Angeles philanthropist Eli Broad. The groups they donated to gave money to other organizations, which gave to the campaigns.

One of the campaigns was an effort to derail a 2012 tax measure pushed by Gov. Jerry Brown -- which Broad had said he supported. The other supported a separate initiative that would have limited the power of labor unions to raise political cash.

Just like StudentsFirst, the Board Foundation shows that it isn't about education reform at all, but rather, just another anti-tax effort funded by a billionaire.