Charter schools 2013 performance woes

According to analysis by the Fordham Foundation, a right leaning supporter of corporate education reform policies and sponsor of a number of Ohio charter schools, Ohio's charter schools continue to underwhelm in performance. Fordham analyzed the data from this years newly released and revamped school report cards. Here's what they found

As can be seen from the charts above, the vast majority of traditional public schools in Ohio are scoring either at or well above a C grade.

Almost the opposite is true when one looks at Ohio's charter school performance index. Even Fordham notes

When achievement and progress ratings are joined to examine overall performance, it is clear that there are more low-performing than high-performing charters

The data is more favorable to charters than on first examination too, because 25% of charter schools are exempt from these performance ratings. Dropout recovery charter schools, if included, would drag the aggregate charter school performance in to the gutter. A skeptic might be forgiven for thinking that the legislature had this in mind when they made the exemption.

At the end of the day, and after 15 years of experimentation, just 2 percent of Ohio's charter schools earned an A on achievement. Is that really worth a continued $1 billion investment?