Failing charter schools are growing in Ohio

Innovation Ohio has produced an analysis showing that while the latest budget continues to starve traditional public schools of funding, it is giving ever increasing aid to Ohio's failing charter schools.

The new two-year budget also raised the level of funding for Ohio’s existing charter schools by $30 million, from $824 million in 2012-2013 to $854 million in 2013-2014.
Year Charter Deducation
2012-13 $824,421,026
HB 59 forecast $854,482,608
New eSchools $10,683,200
New Charters $82,909,478
2013-14 total (proj.) $948,075,286

When all these effects are combined — more base funding, lifting the eSchool moratorium and 49 new brick and mortar charter schools, the amount of funding deducted for charter schools in Ohio could increase by as much as $124 million this year, bringing the total that is redirected from traditional public schools to $948 million. (“as much as” because this analysis assumes that new eSchools and charters are pulling kids from traditional public districts and not other charters)

A billion dollar boondoggle.