Kaisch trails in latest poll

If latest polling is any indication, the public is souring on Gov Kasich and his budget that did little to alleviate the financial stress on local communities and schools.

PPP, Just released their latest poll of Ohio, and after months of Ohioans having a positive opinion of the Governor's job, his approval is now underwater.

Do you approve or disapprove of Governor John Kasich's job performance?

42% Approve
47% Disapprove
11% Not sure

The news gets worse for the Governor. His likely opponent in next years election, Ed FitzGerald has taken the lead for the first time

If the candidates for Governor next year were Republican John Kasich and Democrat Ed FitzGerald, who would you vote for?

John Kasich 35%
Ed FitzGerald 38%
Undecided 27%

If anything should be clear it is that policies matter and the Governor has pursued unpopular ones, especially when it comes to financing local schools and communities.

Ohio Statewide Results by jointhefuture