Teachers comments hit with bullets

The Governor's teacher liaison has published a draft memo condensing over 1,200 educator comments into an awful lot of cut & paste bullet points. As noted by StateImpact, these bullets have been arbitrarily lumped into 5 categories

  • Big Concern #1: Who would / could / should evaluate a teacher under this new system?
  • Big Concern #2: What would / could / should be used to evaluate a teacher (or administrator) under this new system?
  • Big Concern #3: How would / could / should student growth be measured?
  • Big Concern #4: How would / could / should this new system lead to a teacher’s growth?
  • Big Concern #5: How would / could / should my pay change if we move to performance compensation?

Not included in this document is any mention of collective bargaining, even though a significant number of teachers expressed that local collective bargaining was the best mechanism to formulate evaluations and pay. It's also not possible to determine the weight to apply to any of these bullet points based on either frequency or validity, but as noted, this is a working draft document.

In the mean time we will continue to publish a wide selection of raw comments. The memo can be found below.

Concerns Ideas Memo