How Blueberries changed a corporate reformer

Via out friends at American Society Today, comes a short video of how a teacher in the audience changed a corporate education reformers mind. The video starts out slow, but the pay-off at the end is well worth it.

I was dead meat, but I wasn't going to lie to the lady. I said "ma'am I would send them back"

Not a young women, she sprang to her feet, she points her finger at me. She says "that's right, you would send them back. We can never send back the blueberries our suppliers send to us".

"We take 'em big, small, rich, poor, hungry, abused, brilliant, homeless, with bad vision, poor hearing, bad teeth, creative, cautious, frightened, with ADHD, English as a second language - and that's why it's not a business - it's school!"

Yeah - Blueberries Pal! Blueberries!