HB153 Whodunnit

The Excellent Ohio Budget Watch

Rumors have been swirling ever since the budget was passed out of committee about where the amendments that removed a lot of the oversight of charter schools came from. They have been some very clear allegations that these changes were made to appease two specific donors of the Republican party, David Brennan and William Lager, who both operate charter schools in Ohio. Combined they have donated over $4 million to Republican candidates. As we covered yesterday, Innovation Ohio released a report that connected the dots between these two donors and the changes made in the budget. It looks like Innovation Ohio isn't the only one who thinks these changes were made to appease these two charter school owners. In fact one very prominent charter school advocated isn't hiding his opinion on the matter either.

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This needs investigating. There is growing concern and evidence that pay to play is involved. If you have any information or tips please send them along in complete confidence to admin@jointhefuture.org