Top 3 Today

Your top 3 stories today.

  1. Business Breaking With Kasich Over Union Busting Bill
    "Small businesses understand SB5 will lead to the elimination of lots of jobs in local communities," Dennis Willard told TPM. "When that happens, because public sector jobs like all jobs drive the economy, these merchants are really concerned they're going to lose business."

    For now, Williams said there's no organized effort to raise money from the firms to support the SB5 repeal operations. But he said that the fact that so many companies are publicly standing in what amounts to opposition to the state Chamber suggests that SB5 supporters in the business community may have a problem.

  3. Pickerington Teacher Layoffs Finalized
    The board voted not to renew the contracts of 70 newer, probationary teachers, those with one to three years of experience. Board members also approved laying off about 50 more experienced teachers.