Your Voice is Being Heard Now

For what seemed like week after week, legislators ignored the voices and will of working Ohioans as they plowed forward with their ill thought out assault on teachers, firefighters, police and public employees.

But Sunday marked a major turning point in this fight. Sunday, people from all around Ohio began to have their voice heard, filing into the Columbus OEA building on broad street, and other locations, to sign the "downpayment" petition to repeal S.B.5.

Picture curtesy of Columbus Education Association

With well over the required 1,000 signatures collected, the effort now moves to the SOS and AG to certify the petition before collection of the 231,000 signatures needed to place the repeal on the November ballot begins.

The Dispatch also reports that the Govenor has been hearing the message loud and clear too

the governor received thousands of emails voicing strong opinions on the bill.

The breakdown: 16 percent in favor, 84percent against, according to a Dispatch analysis of more than 14,000 emails obtained through a public-records request.
A Quinnipiac Poll released March 23 showed a majority of Ohioans opposed to virtually all provisions of the controversial measure. A handful of Republicans joined a solid bloc of Democrats to vote against the bill in the legislature; GOP Senate leaders had to replace two members of a committee just to advance the proposal.

If the depth of sentiment expressed in the emails is any indication, those organizing a petition drive to hold a referendum on the issue in November shouldn't have trouble gathering the approximately 230,000 signatures needed.

Nope. No trouble at all.