News for March 14th, 2011

As we await to see the details in the Governor's first budget, WDTN reports

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Schools throughout Ohio are anticipating tighter budgets next year and bracing to hear about education cuts when Republican Gov. John Kasich unveils his two-year budget plan this week.

The cuts are expected to fall anywhere up to 20%.

The Dispatch reports on another of the touted "reforms" being considered to Ohio

Bringing Teach for America to Ohio has been years in the making.

But for the first time, the program's arrival here has gone from a mere wish among supporters to seemingly imminent after Gov. John Kasich promised to open doors for the group in his State of the State speech last week. To that end, companion bills are moving through the legislature that would remove barriers to TFA's operation here.

"It's signaling momentum that a TFA region in Ohio could be possible," said Rebecca Neale

The Plain Dealer reports on continued protests regarding SB 5

Senate Bill 5, the legislation focused on collective bargaining, has spurred protests throughout Ohio. On March 13, Medina's Public Square became a hotbed of emotion and political discourse.

"Collective bargaining is a system of checks and balances," special education teacher Wendy Shubrowsky said. "This (bill) will devastate teachers and all public employees. This will decimate my family. We will have to move."

More rallys are planned for Tomorrow. You can check out this OEA page for details of a rally near you.

If you can't attend a rally, please consider contacting your State Representative. You can Use OEA's toll-free Educator Connector phone line to connect quickly and easily to your State Representative. Call (888) 907-7309 and immediately take action